Create Your Currency

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What is Currency

In short words, currency is money, a commodity. You exchange money with other people for equal-valued goods.

WARNING: You should NEVER give away your currency, that will devalue your currency.

Create Currency

You can create a currency via such command:
/pcc create US_Dollars USD $ password

  1. US_Dollars: It is your currency name, server will translate underscores into spaces.
  2. USD: A short code of your currency.
  3. $: The symbol for your currency.
  4. password: ANYONE can print in your currency if they know this password.

Print Money

Prepare some paper since it is needed to print cash.
Then use a command:
/pcc print CODE password denomination amount

  1. CODE: It explains itself, the code of your currency. Eg, USD.
  2. password: The password you set earlier.
  3. denomination: How much per cash, eg. 100.00 per item. In real life, you can find 100 USD per piece of cash, the denomination is 100.00 in this case.
  4. amount: How many pieces of cash item you want to print.

Total value = denomination * amount