Realistic Land System

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What is RLS

RLS is a unique land plugin, just like Towny or Factions, but much more powerful!


Register on RLS

  1. Type /rls while in game, and follow the instructions.
  2. Head to to login.

Video Tutorials

Create A Simple Town:
Authorizations Tutorial:


Create A Simple Town: Make a small town with only you in it.


Click each title to open details!


Groups of players.
Can be teams, allies, town members, nation members, companies.


Collections of chunks.
Can be a farm, a town, a nation with towns, a company-owned land, a continent.

Land Authorization

Assign Section to Party with different permissions.
For example if you have a section called My Town with two sub-sections like this.
Example Section Structure

  1. My Town
    1. My House
      1. Room A
      2. Room B
    2. My Farm
      1. Wheat Farm
      2. Carrot Farm
      3. Potato Farm

Let's assume your friends are in a party called Friends Party. - Authorize use on My Town to Friends Party for use ability everywhere in your town.
- Authorize build on Room B if you want to let your friends build only Room B.
- Authorize build on Farm Land if you want to let your friends build/break your crops.
- Authorize subdivide on Farm Land to allow your friends make more sub-sections for other crops.