Realistic Land System

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What is RLS

RLS is a unique land plugin, just like Towny or Factions, but much more powerful!


Register on RLS

  1. Type /rls while in game, and follow the instructions.
  2. Head to to login.

Video Tutorials

Create A Simple Town:
Authorizations Tutorial:


Create A Simple Town: Make a small town with only you in it.


Click each title to open details!


Groups of players.
Can be teams, allies, town members, nation members, companies.


Collections of chunks.
Can be a farm, a town, a nation with towns, a company-owned land, a continent.

Land Authorization

Assign Section to Party with different permissions.
Authorizing a section = Authorizing ALL its sub-sections!!!

Inheritable Permission

This is for parties only, not for sections! Sub parties will NOT have the authorization UNLESS you authorize its upper party with inheritable permission, it means all its sub-parties can have the authorization as well.

Dependency Authorization

Dependency authorization is just waht it means literally, an authorization will not be effective unless it has a valid dependency. When you make a root section, it will automatically generate an authorization for the selected party.
For instance, you can rent a sub-section, a house probably, to another party. So you can create an authorization to them with limited permissions. And you can even allow them to re-rent it to others again but those all will depend on your authorization. If you revoke an authorization, all its derived authorizations will be revoked as well.


For example if you have a section called My Town with two sub-sections like this.
Example Section Structure

  1. My Town
    1. My House
      1. Room A
      2. Room B
    2. My Farm
      1. Wheat Farm
      2. Carrot Farm
      3. Potato Farm

Let's assume your friends are in a party called Friends Party. - Authorize use on My Town to Friends Party for use ability everywhere in your town.
- Authorize build on Room B if you want to let your friends build only Room B.
- Authorize build on Farm Land if you want to let your friends build/break your crops.
- Authorize subdivide on Farm Land to allow your friends make more sub-sections for other crops.