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What is a party?

  1. A party without a parent party is called root party.
  2. A party is a group of players.
  3. It can be any form of group, your team, your family, your town members or even a company!

How does it work?

  1. Each party can have zero or more players in it.
  2. You can authorize your Sections to any party.
  3. When you create a root party, you will be added to that party automatically with manage_members and administration permission.

Member Permissions

Manage Members

With this permission,
someone can add or remove members to ONLY THIS level of party.
He/she can NOT manage members in the underlying sub-parties!


With this permission,
someone can create/delete sub-parties under this party.

More over, if this is a root party (no parent parties) and you give this permission,
the player can delete the whole party too!